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Why Choose Us?

The fastest web portal that helps you sell your scooters online within minutes. You only need to post an ad of your scooter with a few pics and its details. There are several interested buyers out there who are looking for used scooters. And definitely, interested buyers would contact you in no time for sure! We guarantee you the best and maximum price for your scooter. Just post your ad and we'll ensure that your ad reaches the maximum audience. The bonus? This service is for free!!


Great Network

We have a huge network of prospective buyers and sellers who are there to help you out. Being the leading service provider in this arena, selling a scooter is child's play for us. With thousands of followers on our Facebook Page, Google Plus Page, Pinterest and other social networking websites around the world, the possibility of your sale increases with every minute.


Certified Seller

If you are a seller by profession, we can help you out by boosting your sales with our site. Get registered as a certified seller on our website through a quick two-step procedure. And you won't be burdened with any commission charges or transaction fees. Just post your ads via the usual procedures and sell the used scooters in your showroom through our site at a faster pace.


User Friendly Interface

A user friendly interface with a simplified design is the highlight of our website. It is easily accessible to anyone and doesn't create any sort of complications or confusions. The free registration process and posting of ads is also simple and easy when compared to other online classified sites. Try using once and we are sure you would recommend our site to others for selling their scooters.


Maximum Price Offered

By making use of the Used Scooter Valuation tools on our website, you can calculate the maximum and the best price that can be offered for your pre-owned scooter, vintage scooter or electric two wheelers. And we guarantee that, you wouldn't be dissatisfied in any manner with the calculated price. Though it would be negotiable, it would be the best price that we can offer.