Tips to get a good price for your scooter

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Need to ensure that your scooter is no less than its original price now? Here are a few tips to go by.

1. Give your scooter a touch of awesomeness

This will come as no surprise to you, but people prefer to buy clean, nice-looking scooters. Things like stains and dirt would make your scooter look cheaper than it might really be and give the impression you haven't kept the scooter well-maintained. And that's the most important thing about selling your scooter: Convincing possibly nervous buyers that your scooter was well-taken care of. Even though yours is an older scooter, there are several things you can do to make it shiny and more attractive. You want to make it look as close to "like new" as possible.

2. Check into its details

Think like a dealer and sell your used scooter for more by getting it detailed. Nearly all of the automobile sellers recommend spending a few bucks for this service. Detailing could add a little extra to what you could actually get for a second hand two wheeler and helps to raise the resale value of the vehicle. Detailers give the scooter a better look by hiding the scratches and issues with the painting work. They also remove the grease settled in the engine.

3. Replace the floor mats

This is a tip added to the detailing process. It is better to replace old floor mats in the scooter with new ones. However if it hasn't been damaged to a great extent, you may as well wash off the dirt and give it a brand new look.

4. Reconsider any modifications that you have done

Any mods you've added to your scooter should be reconsidered based on whether they were well done and, most important, make your scooter sell better with them.

5. Get it serviced and repair the most obvious flaws.

If you're not sure if anything is wrong with your scooter, get it professionally inspected. Make sure you change the oil if it's time for it. Check the tires and the brakes too and repair them if needed. It adds to the resale value as no one would want a damaged and poorly maintained scooter.

6. Keep all your records together

Most buyers will insist on seeing the service and maintenance records to check whether you have pampered your scooter well during its lifetime. Keep a note for yourself about what you have done, if you dont have original receipts.

7. State a realistic price

Tagging your scooter for a realistic price is a big deal. You make make use of our scooter price valuation tools by putting in its complete details and an honest assessment of its condition to get a rough estimate. To this base estimate you may add a few hundred bucks more so that would take care of those people who try to negotiate with you, without giving you much of a loss (but make sure that the scooter is worth the total amount you quote).

8. Get a look at your scooter through the lens

Get your scooter photographed in some nice and aesthetically forward location. Let the sun shine on the surface of your scooter's body and the reflection could fetch you a better price than giving an impression of your scooter inside a garage or in a cluttered background.

9. Opt for Premium Services

If you listing your scooter in a classifieds site, opt for premium service instead of the free ones. Premium service will give more confidence to the buyer and it is an indication that the classified ad is not by a fake seller. A couple of dollars extra may help you get a better bargain.

10. Be cautious when working with potential buyers

If you do handle the scooter showing and final transaction yourself, make sure you stay safe. Meet buyers in a public location, don't let them test ride the scooter themselves, and take certified cheque, cash, or money order for payment before you transfer ownership. You could complete the transaction at a bank to verify payment first.