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A few procedures to follow, and your scooter would be on sale!

So, are you planning to sell your scooter? Fed up with the usual classified sites? Don't know what to do? Confused?

Don't worry. You have arrived at the right place..We have got solutions for you.

Just follow these steps and we'll find the best buyer for your scooter.

Click on 'Sell Scooter' button and you can find several possibilities to sell out your scooter. You can post your ad by following a few more steps.

You need to register with our site at first-it's for free. After you complete the registration process, you can post any number of ads as per your requirement. Don't forget to tick or fill all the details regarding your scooter. Click a few pictures of your scooter, so that your prospective buyers can see it. Give your details a proper check and submit the form. VoilĂ ! Your scooter is now for sale.